Why do my contacts burn so much?!

Question: Why do my contacts burn so much?
My contacts are really irritating my eyes and they burn. FYI i don't need new contacts until the end of this month.Thanks


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You dont sound mature enough to wear lenses and I'm surprised that someone suggested you were a suitable person for it.

What a lame thing to say "my contact lenses are fine and i don't need new ones until next month." If that's the way it is you're not worth anybody's time or advice.

By the way eye drops are not natural to use on a regular basis. They are for people with chronic conditions or people who had flawed laser eye surgery.

If you have dry eyes from contact lenses the eye drops will hardly make a difference. If you always have the choice of using your natural vision then you're wasting your time with all this.

It might be because of your solution.
I use Opti Free solution, and I never experience itching or burning. Check with your eye doctor about switching solutions.
It could also be that you are wearing them too long.
Only wear them for twelve hours a day.

Probably too dry. Use eye drops.

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