is there a big difference between -3.00 and -3.75 contacts?!

Question: Is there a big difference between -3.00 and -3.75 contacts?
i have -3.00 contacts in, i think i could use ones alittle stronger, so i got -3.75's. how big of a differance will it be?


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- 3.00 to - 3.75 is a huge difference.

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How did you get yourself -3.75's? I'm an optician and this is a HUGE difference. Only your optometrist should change your RX. Sometimes we feel like we need something stronger when in fact, you either need something weaker or need an astigmatism correction. And to tell you how much of a difference you have here, each knock of prescription is .25. So you're talking 3 notches of prescription.

dont it will be very big
i once got 2.5 and i wear 2.25, i asked the pharmacist if it makes any difference and this is only 0.25 more he said no no its same thing , well it wasnt i kept swearing at the guy cuz i couldn't see a thing everything was blurry

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