I keep blinking my eyes very hard?!

Question: I keep blinking my eyes very hard?
Sometimes i blink them hard and sometimes i blink them alot of times. Even when my eyes are closed i feel like i have to blink. HELP PLEASE IDK WHAT TO DO!


Could be an allergic reaction could be many things. If this is constantly happening during the way its worth your time seeing a specialist on this matter.

Doesn't sound very pleasant what you're going through. I wish you good luck in your efforts to get things back to normal

if you are doing this because of dry eyes.. try to get some artificial tears from the pharmacy. if you are wearing contact lenses, they make your eyes drier n u'll have to blink more.. make sure u use artificial tears every 2 hours when ur awake..

It's an allergy reaction. You are allergic to something. Quite possibly the cologne/perfume or deodorant you are wearing.

maybe its tourette :S

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