is it bad to rely on eye drops to stop eye itching?!

Question: Is it bad to rely on eye drops to stop eye itching?
is it better to wait it out than to put the drops in at first sign of itchiness?


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What kind of drops? If you have allergies and they are prescription allergy drops it is best to use them every day during allergy season to prevent itchiness instead of waiting for the itch to start.

The reason it probably gets itchy is because maybe you keep touching it or rubbing it. Everytime you touch it to your eye, more bacteria gets inside. So, don't rely on eye drops unless your eye has some serious problem, then you should go to a doctor. If it's just itchy, I would just stop touching it and stop thinking about it. It usually happened to me during spring because of my allergies but I just stopped touching it, even though it was really itchy, and it stopped.

If your eyes are itchy due to allergy or dry eyes, over the counter eye drops made for that particular condition are fine to use. The bottle should not touch your eye when inserting the eye drops, especially if you have an infection, because you are probably reinfecting your eyes.

Have you considered 'ortho-k's treatment? It is the best way to correct vision and solves other problems such as dry eyes due to wearing contact lenses.

No actually it's good to use eye drop.. But you have to consult a doctor.

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