i have a habit of squinting my eyes?!

Question: I have a habit of squinting my eyes?
idont know why i do it idont know how to stop


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I agree with the other answer. (no not the one saying you're asian...the one suggesting you may be looking around without using normal vision.)

If you don't really care about seeing things clearly, having peoples faces look like a blur and don't enjoy a slow relaxing pace to life then you can continue as you are. Or you can consider wearing glasses.

Glasses are a vision aid used by people with impaired vision. It's ok to use them for help in reading distant objects such as an eye chart on the wall. But many people are lazy and just wear them all day and never take them off. This can cause the person to feel bad because its socially awkward to stare through a lens at people all Tue time. It can have the effect of cutting them off from life.

The other issue is a possible discomfort with using near vision while wearing them. This can make tue person feel awkward and strained from just doing a near-work activities. Some experts claim that glasses can overload the eyes when looking at a near object. This can encourage the person's eyesight to get worse.

If you have an interest to have perfect vision, to see everything and everybody in clear 20/10 vision then the serious option is to avoid bad vision habits. It will also help not having an attitude that you must live life by ignoring people and allowing everything to be a blur.

Check out these sites if you ate interested:


Also here are some videos with examples of eye exercises to help restore eyesight and promote relaxation in the mind.


Ok I hope this information helps.

Hope everything works out for you in the end.

My sister has a very bad habit of doing this and it turns out she needed glasses. Go and arrange an appointment with your optician so he can check your eyesight and prescribe some glasses or contacts for you. :)

Are you possibly asian?

You may need glasses, go get checked out.

lol i do that!! how funny i mostly do it when i'm outside even when it's not sunny or windy i squint my eyes its so weird!

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