What is the difference between eye fatigue and failing eyesight?!

Question: What is the difference between eye fatigue and failing eyesight?
I told my dad I needed to go to the eye doctor because things I used to be able to see are now blurry. He says its probably eye fatigue (Blurry eye sight caused by spending too much time in front of the TV or Computer) but I want to know what is the difference. How can you tell if you have eye fatigue or that you are losing some of your eyesight?


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Before I say anything, I am NOT a professional. I'm merely guessing.

I believe the difference is that eye fatigue is when you read a book for a couple hours non stop and when you finally look up everything sorta looks out of focus for a second, but fixes itself after a couple minutes of staring at things around you. Failing eyesight is when the people have eyesight that appears to be on course to total failure (ie blindness).

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