which brand eyeglass lenses should I buy?!

Question: Which brand eyeglass lenses should I buy?

I want to purchase high quality lenses for my eyeglass. my vision details are as follows
- power- 6.25 and also I have astigmatism. Because of my high power I would like to purchase thinnest plastic lens available. How will the lens of astigmatism differ from normal lens -will it affect the lens cosmetically? here are my requirements:

1) thinnest plastic lens (high index)- i know glass will be thinner and cheaper but i dont want the extra weight and risk of breaking it !! and nowadays no one wears glass.

2) whats a good brand in terms of quality, clarity, etc. ?

3) do anti reflective coatings give green tint to lenses- ? i hate that!!-- is there any coating that is clear

4) also if you have any idea regarding cost- then please include that

thx for all your answers



To be fair most lens companies lenses are high quality these days. The answers I'll give are just my opinion.

I depends on the strength and orientation of your astigmatism. If your astigmatism is a negative power then it will add extra thickness along one meridian, but unless your astigmatism is significant (greater than -2.00) it won't really make much difference.

1) 1.74 is the highest index plastic lens you can get at the moment (compared to 1.9 for glass).
2) Most brands are very similar although both Zeiss and Essilor (makers of Varilux lenses) have very good reputations for making quality lenses.
3) Essilors Crizal Forte coating is an excellent coating which is virtually colourless (as well as smudge resistant, water repellant, scratch resistant etc...).
4) Premium branded lenses come at a premium so a guesstimate would be in the region of £175-£225 for Essilor Lineis (1.74) with Crizal Forte coating.

Hope this helps?

Qualified Dispensing/Contact Lens Optician working in optics for 13 years.

The main thing is the correct prescription. The correct prescription is the main thing.


company dosent matter just see comfort

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