Does closing your eyes for 5 mins help?!

Question: Does closing your eyes for 5 mins help?
They say looking at tv and monitors for too long periods of time hurts your eyes. Does closing your eyes for 5 mins help?


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Yes it does help.. Try to use cucumber for your eyes or apply aloevera gel.

It strains your eyes. What you need to do is refocus your eyes on a distant object every 15 minutes or so. Make sure your screen is at least arms length away and if you work on it for long periods a laptop isn't suitable. Make sure you drink enough water as you dehydrate on screens and that dries the eyes and computer screens dry the eyes anyway. Try and take a long break midday at least and don't work on teh screens for an hour before going to bed.

I dont close my eys for 5 mins but I want to see green forest and blue sky.

Works for me.

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