Left eye feels pressure/pain after using eye drops? Please help!?!

Question: Left eye feels pressure/pain after using eye drops? Please help!?
Hi everyone,

I had to move recently to the campus dorms due to personal reasons...but they have central heating which was making my eyes dry. I wasn't sleeping well because of stress and trying to catch up with school work/finals (right now)...so I had this Visine redness relief stuff (although I only used it once before) and used it every night for around 5 days. Anyways, my boyfriend spent the night, and I thought since the bed is tiny (only made for one person) that he elbowed me in the eye because my left eye hurt.
This is the third day it has hurt, but I am kinda freaked out because one night I accidentally used moisturizing eye drops you are supposed to use in contact lenses (I don't use contacts, but I bought a pair of circle lenses 6 months ago just to see what they looked like...but was paranoid I would end up actually using them so bought this stuff...but you are supposed to put it in your eyes while wearing contacts).

Anyways, I haven't been sleeping well, but my left eye feels like it has pressure on the side. I decided to massage around my eyes, and I could hear like light air popping noises and my eyes felt more relieved. Well, I would start feeling pressure in my ears and like my throat was clogged. Sometimes if I rub my left eye it doesn't really hurt anymore, but if I swallow I can feel the pressure returning.
Now I dont think my boyfriend actually elbowed me in his sleep, but that the eye drops caused this!
If I rub my head or right eye even, I can hear these strange noises like bubbles popping. I've been rubbing my eyes for the past hour =(
I've been eating sushi and salmon roe (eggs) everyday the past week and a half...could that be it?

Please help me! What is going on? Thanks!


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Lots of nice cool water, the blood vessels in your eye should shrink because of the cold, if this doesnt work see as doctor

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