Why do my eyes change colors?!

Question: Why do my eyes change colors?
I have a mixture of light blue light green and yellow eyes and they almost never stay the same color sometimes they'll be blue some times green or yellow then on other days they'll be a mix of those colors i was just wondering if anyone might know why this happens


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The same thing happened to my friend. His eyes were blue then a little green next. They thought it was because of reflections of light. But it’s because of age. As you grow older (for some people this happens), some eyes become darker, but most become lighter.

Another reason is you might have an eye disease. Check your optician. Diseases such as: Fuch’s heterochromic iridocyclitis, Horner’s Syndrome, and pigmentary glaucoma.

The iris cannot change its color. It's something stable due to the genetics.

Most likely it's the lighting that makes them look like they change.

Mine are the same colour and change depending on what I'm wearing. Strangely, they seem to change depending on my mood also!?! Happy=blue/yellow, pissed=green.

Have you fed lateley? I find when i feed my eyes turn a golden honey color. but when i get irritable my eyes turn red.

maybe you're a vampire...

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