Headache on left side and behind left eye.?!

Question: Headache on left side and behind left eye.?
I have been getting these really bad headaches on the left back side of my head and when I bend over to pick up my baby or to clean it immediately goes away but as soon as I stand up straight it gets even worse than even pounds really really bad behind my left eye. And Tylenol, aleve, excedrin, etc doesn't seem to help at all. It may dole it but will not take it away. Can anyone explain this?


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remove the eye to relieve pressure. If that don't work see a real doctor. Seriously, you may think I am crazy, but it could be tension. I had a bad headache for over 2 years, from a car accident. I tried everything though a doctors care. I found the answer by accident while trying to get a muscle relaxer strong enough for my back. when I found one strongenough to help my back , I niticed my headache was also gone.

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