Whats wrong with my left eye?!

Question: Whats wrong with my left eye?
about 5 days ago I was at a meeting when it felt like something got in my eye. I rubbed it for a sec and it felt better for a while. About an hour later it felt like there was something in my eye again. I went in a restroom and looked but there was nothing there. Its been five days now and it still feels like there is something in the bottom left corner of my eye. Its not painful and its not red but the itch gets very irritating after a while. Also the corner of my eye feels dry. If I don't think about it it doesn't bother me. But when I have nothing to do then I start to get that feeling in the bottom left corner of my eye. I have some problems with allergies but the source of that has been removed.


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Maybe you got an eye infection.

Flush eye out fer 15 minutes or use eye drops fer dry eyes. It should help.

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