How many days do I need to do eye exercises before I see any signs of improvemen!

Question: How many days do I need to do eye exercises before I see any signs of improvement?
I recently decided to improve my eyes via eye exercises [ex palming] and i'm curious as to how long I need to do them before I see signs of eye Improvement? Thanks.


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Hi. Well theres so much you can do but if your eyes can turn in all directions easily and you can do all the eye exercises that exist out there then maybe you wont get that much from them. Some people find making sure you relax, smile and being free to alter your own perception of the world helps. So dont be too stiff or closed minded. Its like trying out a style of clothes or listening to a different kind of music on the radio. It helps to be open minded. Also you should not be too analytical and straining to read certain things during the day. Struggling and straining never helps. And always remain comfortable with your NEAR vision. Sounds strange but thats important too

Personally i find the ones where you move your eyes around helped most


Maybe some eye relaxation techniques might out:…

If none of this does anything for you try training your eyes with pinhole glasses:……

You may have some bad habits which include bad vision habits. Youve got to get rid of these…

You may find with a high prescription that not wearing glasses is too much of a handicap for your daily life. You will have to try and relax without using glasses. Not feel guilty about it and make sure you go outside as much as you can.

Evidence kids who spend more time outside tend to have better eyesight:…

Some people find an approach with using reading glasses to help reverse the elongation of the eyeball helps:
"The Secret of Perfect Vision" by David de Angelis

Other popular books:
"Relearning to See" by Thomas Quackenbush
"The Bates Method for better vision without glasses" by Dr William Bates
"Natural Vision Improvement" by Janet Goodrich

Websites with evidence of success in natural eyesight restoration:

You have to let go of the world of myopia and be happy to live the life of someone with clear vision.

Good luck

BTW the pennybar does not have any evidence of what she is saying. And doesn't have a scientific background. She is employed as a sales marketer of the "Ortho-K" treatment (sleepign with hard contacts to force the cornea to become flatter.)
With regards to her two "sources". One is just covering the definition of myopia. The other is a hate site that has no science or medical research behind it. It uses insulting language to deride people who seek 'eyesight improvement material' and its main claim that eye diseases and dyslexia cannot be cured by eye exercises is irrelevant because eye exercises are for myopia/hyperopia.

The only eye exercises proven to be effective are for squints in childhood. As you are asking on here, this doesn't apply to you.

So you are totally wasting your time, whoever told you that you can improve your eyes by doing exercise is badly misinformed.

If you provide more details as to what exactly you are trying to improve you may get answers more specific to you.

"...A 2005 review of scientific papers on the subject concluded that there was "no clear scientific evidence" that eye exercises were effective in treating myopia.[42]..." from Wikipedia.

This rubbish about exercises has been going around for many many years - the more it goes around, the more scientific studies disprove it as nonsense.

Experienced Dispensing Optician

If your trying to improve your vision, you can expect to do these eye exercises for a number of hours per day for many, many, many years before you might even see minuscule improvement.

Listening to quacks is dangerous to your health. Many of those advocating eye exercises also advocate not wearing corrective lenses or using a reduced prescription. Do that while you are operating machinery, like a motor vehicle and you put both you and anyone on the road in danger. Do it while in school and risk reduced grades. In addition, there is no scientific proof that eye exercises or any other natural remedies improves vision. Even a few of those on this sight, who have used and recommend eye exercises, state that it has taken a lot of hard work on a daily basis and many years before they've seen some improvement, but that they still need glasses. Others are just out to scam you out of your money. Be very careful which ads you answer if you actually decide to follow this path.

BTW, it would be so nice if you picked a best answer to your question, answerers spend a lot time trying to help people but few questioners pick a best answer and I often wonder if the questioner ever reads the answers.

EDIT: If Dr. Nice wants proof that eye exercises etc. do not improve vision, perhaps he should check my "Sources" below and read the answers of the eye professionals. The websites he recommends require monetary payments in order to receive any information. The YouTube videos may relax you, but won't improve vision and also advertisement other websites that charge fees. Just from checking these sites out, it appears they could be scams.……… -

infinite. forever.

b/c eye exercises dont work to "improve vision"


you lift weights with your eyes

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