Contact lenses w\ cylinder?!

Question: Contact lenses w\ cylinder?
I'm pretty much sick of my glasses, I only use them for driving and I will never get used to them (not them specifically, I got them for 2 years now, but to glasses in general, it feels so awkward)
Thing is, I can't find any contacts w\ the cylinder I need, I got -0.25 cylinder on both eyes (-0.5 power)
Are there contacts that will fit my eyes or am I stuck the way I am now?


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A - 0.25 cylinder is never corrected with contacts, it is just ignored and makes no difference. There is no spherical equivalent for that.

With a - 0.50 Cyl, half of it is added to the sphere power , because it isn't available in contacts either.

If you only wear your - 0.50 for driving, why would you want to bother with contacts ? Are you going to keep taking your contacts on and off all day ?

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Right, if your glasses Rx is just - 0.50 - 0.25 in both eyes, then contacts are just - 0.50 in both.

It would be a good idea to have your first pair fitted by an optometrist or optician though so you will have the proper base curve and a brand that you know will work for you. Then after, when you need more, you can just reorder the same thing online if you wanted to go that route.


Keep in mind, if you want contacts, you can't just order them with your eyeglasses prescription, you must (by law in the US and numerous other countries) get a contact lens fitting and prescription.

Because your cylinder prescription is so low, they might be able to give you the contacts that only have your sphere component (a lot cheaper).

With a power of -.50 and a cil of -.25 I'm not sure a doctor would even give you contacts. Your correction is very mild. -.25 is not even recognized with contact lens. So good luck in your hunt and I would think twice about using contacts all together with your Rx.

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