Why do people that make contacts color only make only up to a 4?!

Question: Why do people that make contacts color only make only up to a 4?
hi i was just wondering why do people that do color contacts go up to a 4 like the brand fresh look i have astigmatism ( i cant look far away). When are they going to make them because i am more then a 4. I know there are some but they can damage your eye sight and there more expansive. Why doesn't fresh look make some?????


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Because only gay people wear them.

Justin Beiber and Ellen the chatshow host

Because the biggest demand for contacts is between - 1.00 and - 3.50 , so they didn't want to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars making all the other powers that don't sell very often.

It's all a matter of economics for them.


Ciba used to, but they reduced their parameters b/c the powers over 4 didnt sell well. there arent ENOUGH of you over -4 who want colors. its a supply/demand problem. low demand.


they make them past 4 but they dnt make them for astigmatism.

You already said why. Because they can damage your eyesight.

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