Why do my eyes keep falling out?!

Question: Why do my eyes keep falling out?
Lately I've noticed that when I engage in any physically vigorous activity, my eyes fall out. It's not a big deal I guess, but I'm left wondering WHY? They never used to do this.


Have you stretched your optic nerve? It sounds like your eyes do go back into the sockets (or whatever) so I'm thinking that the optic nerve is still attached.
You might consider adding a couple of rubber bands on each eye to augment the nerve and return your baby-blues to their proper place in your skull.

You also might want to be careful when exercising over rough and/or dirty surfaces such as asphalt, concrete, political forums as these things can severely limit your sight when the eyes bounce off of them.

EDIT: It just occurred to me that a loooonng drywall screw (one for each eye) through the skull and into the back of your eyeballs would keep them from falling out so much.


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