Contact lenses and eye makeup....?!

Question: Contact lenses and eye makeup....?
Does anyone know of any good brands of makeup for contact lense wearers? I find that mine is always flaking off and getting on my lenses or causing some other kind of irritation. I'm willing to pay more for a better product, so what do you suggest? I wear mascara, shadow, and eyeliner pretty regularly. And please don't just say stop wearing makeup because I don't want to do that! And I'd prefer answers from someone who actually wears contacts or knows a lot about makeup. THanks!


Try getting an eye primer so that the shadow doesnt flake off. Urban Decay and Two Faced both have really good ones. Another thing is, the quality of your shadow will effect how well it stays on. So if your buying drug store make up, its clearly not going to compare to the stuff found at sephora or mac. Mascara shouldn't really effect your contacts. For eyeliner, if your lining your water line or tight-lining, than you definitely need a waterproof eyeliner. If its just regular eye liner than that shouldnt be much of a problem either. Remember to always put your contacts in before applying make up. Hope this helps =)

I wear contacts and the brand of makeup I have is called Elf. It's an inexpensive collection stored at Target. Hope this helps! :)

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