Dry contact lens question?!

Question: Dry contact lens question?
I lost my contact lens and found it about 12 hours later all dried up. If i leave it in the solution for like a couple days will it go back to shape and be wearable? Thanks!


Absolutely it will become wearable. It is just really dried out right now. Keep it in the solution for about 3-4 hours and you should see it start becoming wearable.

The only issue you will have is that its probably very bacteria ridden right now. So within that 3-4 hours just change the solution twice and wash out your contact case so you make sure you don't get an eye infection. i didnt clean the solution when i did it the first time and i had an infection the next day.

The second time it happened i changed the solution and it was fine.

Ive had contacts for 7 years. Had this exact thing happen twice.

Yeah! Just clean it really good and leave it sealed tightly in the case w/solution. I had a pair of old contacts, (mine are 2-week disposables) and i wanted to see what they'd look like dry, so I set them out and let the lids off, then a week or so later I put solution over one and close the lid, then as soon as I checked back next, it was as good as new. Good Luck! :)

You can try. Sometimes they will come back to normal completely, but some suffer some shrinkage or get dirt or lint or something on them in their fall, they might irritate your eyes too much. It should only take a few hours to get them back, not a few days. I'd give it a try, but if they hurt your eyes toss them and open a new pack.

Usually contacts will be fine if they are re-soaked for at least 4 hours. Most even say that on the package. But be careful though, if it starts hurting your eye take them out immediately.

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