I got surgery today. silly question.?!

Question: I got surgery today. silly question.?
I got surgery today ..I had my tonsils removed. Well when they injected me with the drug (forgot what they call it) I started laughing at everyone and smiling alot before I passed out.. is this normal for patients?


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Hahaha yes that's completely normal! It's just a chemical reaction, when the drugs they gave you supercharged the pleasure centers in your brain!

Happens to pretty much everyone... Some people just relax and feel more at ease, but many tend to joke or laugh. Usually depends on your personality when you're not under the influence of the drugs.

hahaha! this is hilarious.

and yes this is normal. they use maybe Nitrous oxide(laughing gas) to calm patient down or maybe make unconscious.
When you go to dentist, they always use that for children so that they won't get scared and calm them down. :)

I dont know maybe it was laughing gas

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