I need masturbating methods, please help!?!

Question: I need masturbating methods, please help!?
I feel like masturbating tonight, can someone give me good methods?
I have to keep it quiet, no toys, and in bed.

Also, what's a good figuring technique? I kinda wanna have an orgasm, or something that feels really good.

I'm a girl.


as mentioned before this is optical section not porno site. But maybe you masturbated and then used the same finger to touch your eyes which led to pink eye ??? And now you want to know other masturbation techniques so that wont lead this? Is that the case :) ?? Dont think so--- so check the forum section before you post..

This is an optical question section. You should ask this question on a porn site.

Get the sides of your glasses and stick it in your hole.
you'll get a wonderful orgasm, you little minx.

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