Effects of using expired eye drops?!

Question: Effects of using expired eye drops?
Can it impair vision?
What effects can it have?

I have used expired drops in the past, recently i notice my right eye (whichis usually the eye causing trouble) does not have p20/20 like my left, things are a tad blurry, could it be this cause?



Probably not. Some of the properties in the expired eye drops might lose their effectiveness, but should not effect your vision. If your using over the counter eye drops for dry eye, your eye could be a bit blurry because they are no longer doing their job. If these eye drops were prescription eye drops, some of them do have side effects, expired or not. It would then be advisable to see your eye doctor. It is never a good idea to use eye drops past their expiration date and never allow the tip of the bottle or dropper to touch your eye.

Generally no effect at all - literally. The active ingredients have "died" and the formula offers no relief. Generally no problem either.

However, if something is old in your medicine cabinet, it could have become infected with some sort of bacteria.

Try getting some plain saline drops at the drug store and using them for a while and see if it clears out the gunk.

I'd imagine that it'd just be water by the time it's been sitting around long enough to expire. But i'm not a doctor, so there's that.

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