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So.... I want to have a cig tonight and then have one tomorrow morning at 6 20. After those two cigs I am not stopping. I haven't had a cig in about 5 months and I have been good. Will haing these two cigs make me addicted or make my teeth yellow? Tell me what you think.


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Good luck

Dont start again I smoke I find it hard to stop and when o did stop I had one after 3months and now I am addicted to them again you've done so well if you go and have they two then you will want more and then you will hate buying th again don't start again but then it's your choice I can't make you change your mind only you can. Have willpower Not the best answer but hopefully I helped x good luck

It's a bad choice, be greatful you have stoped for 5 months and commit to make it 6 months. Chew some cinnamon gum instead, that should help, as well as drinking some grapefruit juice. Those flavors make cigaretts tast nasty!

You′ll just start smoking again, trust me. Don′t smoke even one.

No! I told you don′t!

Don't do it. You have so much to live for besides smoking.

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