will my contacts still wear out if i leave them in solution?!

Question: Will my contacts still wear out if i leave them in solution?
my contacts are to be worn for 2 weeks ive only worn them a few days but i want to have them on for christmas break, and their my last pair, if i leave them in solution and not wear them until christmas break will they still wear out or will it not make a difference if i wear them until then?


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You're okay with them.

Funny side story: I worked with a guy that kept his contacts -- the same pair -- in for half a year. It's a horror story to my eye doctor, but she still laughed.

Your eyes have a strong blood supply, and the contacts probably haven't deteriorated enough to cause damage. It really depends on how you've been treating your eyes and the contacts. Contacts are actually tougher than you might think. I once reconstituted one pair from a complete dried-up and wrinkled stage and used it just fine.

They'll be fine. They say 2 weeks if you wear them every day. I've used the same pair for more than 2 weeks before with no problem if I skip some days wearing them.

When are you gonna get more talk to you eye doctor if they start to annoy you or irritate your eyes that will be bad then your eyes will be dried.

Bi-weekly contacts are supposed to last for 2 weeks only whether you wear it or not.

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