What is a "click" with regards to vision?!

Question: What is a "click" with regards to vision?
My eye doctor said that one of my eyes was "2 clicks" worse than 2 years ago and the other was "4 clicks" worse (so now they're both pretty even, visually speaking -- my "4 click" eye caught up in terms of suckyness), and indicated that he was quite surprised with how much my vision had degenerated in a relatively short amount of time.

So, what's a 'click'? I have trouble seeing distance and I have an astigmatism in each eye. I don't know my specific prescription, except that my old contacts were in the -3 range, I believe. What is a 'click' relative to that number (like, is it -.5 or something?)?


A click is a 0.25....2 clicks is 0.50

By a click , he just means the next step up on the phoropter which makes a little " click " when the lens is turned to the next strength.


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