is it illegal for someone to sell colored eye contacts at their store without be!

Question: Is it illegal for someone to sell colored eye contacts at their store without being doctor perscribed?
There is this clothing store where i live. the lady that owns the store happens to sell colored contacts. ($20 per pair) i found out about this through my cousin. she told me that, that lady sells contact lenses but will only sell them to certain people. and that if i wanted a pair i would not be able to get them because she does not know me. that itself sounded weird to me. so about a week later me and my cousin go to that store and buy a pair for my older sister. it was really weird because the colored lenses were not displayed in her store. when we asked for them she went to a back room a brought out a little box that required a key to open. i was looking through them and all the lenses said "demo" on them. i was thinking maybe she was selling samples that eye doctors give you to see if you like the color before purchasing. If what this lady is doing is in fact illegal what should i do?


If he is a certified eye doctor or optometrist it
is okay to buy them.

The reason, she probably will not sell them to you is
this...It is ILLEGAL to sell contact lenses
of any type unless you are a certified eye doctor.

If she did not display them in her store...Looks more like that
she is breaking the law and selling them illegally.

The reason she might sell them to you, she might fear she get
arrested for selling contact lenses for not being a certified
eye doctor/optometrist place...
Also, $20.00 is a bit TOO CHEAP for colored contact lenses, I can
assume that these are very low quality contact lenses.

IN OTHER WORDS....DON'T BUY THEM...Unless you want to spend
time in the hospital in the local eye ward.
Also, contact lenses are NOT A ONE SIZE fits all.

I mean someone that owns a clothing store and selling examples to
eye doctors. This REALLY SOUNDS fishy.

Any certified optometrist and eye doctor can get these colored contact lenses
and also these costume contact lenses (like cats eyes, odd colors as well).

I suggest you contact your local Department of Health that deals with the
area on contact lenses sales....Telling them what you saw and such.
If she is keeping these in the back room and not displaying them. Sounds
like she is breaking the law. You better contact the D-of-H before somebody
ends up in hospital in the optic eye ward getting a cornea transplant.

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It's not illegal to sell colored contacts... so long as they're not prescription contacts. They make non-prescription contacts, just as they make non-prescription glasses.

It is, however, illegal to sell prescription lenses to someone without a valid and current prescription.

At the very least, it certainly sounds as if this particular seller is getting their stock from a not-quite-legitimate source. Personally, I'd be very wary of buying anything that I'd be sticking in my eye from anyone other than a licensed optometrist... for all you know, those lenses could be past their shelf life, and that's why she has them.

its illegal in the US and UK to sell any contacts which aren't perscribed. Non-perscribed contacts aren't FDA approved adn contacts need to ber fitted to be safe its not just perscribed contacts.

No if they are nonprescription.


YES it most certainly IS illegal in the US. there is no such thing as "non-prescription" contact lenses in the US. just b/c they have no optical "power" doesn't mean they don't require a Rx. they do. the FDA doesn't discriminate between "powerless" contacts & ones with power in them. they all require a written prescription to purchase legally.

yes its illegal. the big problem is...its rarely enforced. call the optometry board of your state (example Texas Optometry Board)


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