Keep seeing a blue dot in my vision?!

Question: Keep seeing a blue dot in my vision?
About 2-3 months ago everyday (only once a day) i would see a small blue light in my vision, i didn't really make a fuss about it, but just recently i was thinking what it might be. I'm not sure if it is something to do with my vision as i am short sighted. Can anyone give me advice on what this might be. Thanks :)


Your eyes are directly attached to the brain and if he brain is stressed or tired, it can cause odd things with the eyes. Such as migraines for instanc.

Most likely that when you look at a light, it creates a sort of imprint on your retina which the brain then sees when you look around.

I wouldnt be concerned, however if it gets worse or any headaches come along then seek medical advice.

Diabetic Eye Screener, Optical assistant and Laser councillor

I would get an MRI. I see a blue light in my left eye and I have brain lesions. Pretty sure it can mean something neurological is going on. I would see if something is going on with your brain just to be safe. Don't just ignore it. That is stupid advice.

may be an allergic reaction on what you've been doing lately? go to the doctors then they will tell youuu what to do..


That may be because of some blue color thing sticking on your glasses. Better consult a doctor.

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