Contact Prescription Help? (Which is the Right/Left Eye?)?!

Question: Contact Prescription Help? (Which is the Right/Left Eye?)?
My glasses prescription is as follows:
OD: (SPH -2.75) (CYL -2.75) (AXIS 005)
OS: (SPH -2.75) (CYL -2.25) (AXIS 180)

My new contacts have THIS prescription:
Box 1: (SPH -2.75) (CYL -2.25) (AXIS 010)
Box 2: (SPH -2.75) (CYL -1.75) (AXIS 180)

I know that the prescription between glasses and contacts is different because I have astigmatism, what I DON'T know is which box contains WHICH EYES contacts? Dx I'm guessing Box 2 is left eye because the axis is the same but... I'm not quite sure. ><;; (The boxes aren't marked for right or left eye. The guy who gave 'em to me forgot to check off the boxes.)

Can anyone possibly interpret this information and give me an answer?


Box 1 is OD ( right )

Box 2 is the left eye.

They reduced the cyl by 0.50 on both which is normal from your glasses cyl.


i would bring them back to the place where you got them and ask them to check in their system and tell you which is which eye, and write R and L so you know what eyes they go to

I would call my eye doctor or ask the place I got my contacts from.

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