Do they put you on anesthesia for lasik surgery?!

Question: Do they put you on anesthesia for lasik surgery?
I don't want to be awake. By lasik I mean like vision correction so I don't have to wear glasses/contacts anymore.


They use local anesthesia only - so your eye will be numb, but you will be awake. The surgery is really short and it would not be worth putting people under, plus an eye center would not generally have an anesthesiologist on hand.

If you are nervous or worried, you could probably have valium prescribed so that you could take it before the procedure. It will also help if you go over the procedure step-by-step with the doctor who will be performing it, ahead of time so that you know exactly what to expect.

No, and ie not necessary.

I have the same worry and concerns as you before my lasik, which was done a month ago.

And my advise is to do lots of research on the process, sleep well and go for it, you will not regret, and it is not painful at all.

If u really want to get rid of the glasses, be brave. I have done it, and ok, and so r u!

Good luck.

Local anesthesia is used just like in a cataract surgery. In Lacik surgery,how can "taking a slice off the retina to reshape it" can be done without local anesthesia?

self knowledge

No. They tell you to hold your eye open.

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