Should I get glasses?!

Question: Should I get glasses?
My eyes are really bad, and I can't see from the back of the board in class. Should I tell my parents? I hate the idea of having glasses, they would look dorky! (No offense to those people with glasses!)


If you can't bear the though of having glasses just get low prescription contacts,they are not that expensive and nobody has to see those ugly glasses!

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The problem won't go away by ignoring it.

Nowadays, there are tons of cool frames, try looking on-line if your local places don't have a good selection. Glasses don't have the same stigma they used to. In fact, there are always people on here asking how to mess up their eyes because they WANT glasses!

You possibly might be able to get contacts if you really hate glasses.

glasses arent bad they have some really cute frames you can pick out
or you could always get contacts

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