Where can I buy glasses like these(photo inside)?!

Question: Where can I buy glasses like these(photo inside)?
The ones that one like or similar to the one Ne-Yo was wearing in the movie Battle: Los Angeles. Here is a picture on how it looks like.http://cdn.rap-up.com/blog/wp-content/up… Also, around how much are they going to cost? And are they called wide frame glasses? Because without a name i cant seem to find them anywhere online. Sorry for jamming so many questions into one question. Thanks so much in advance.


They look like some of these Ray-Bans to me:

Those are popular, so it wouldn't surprise me if it's what they used in the movie.

They will run $200+ if you get them from an optical store, and $130+ if you get them online. I'm 100% sure you could find close knock-offs too. I don't think that there's a specific name for that type of frames that you could easily search on though - you might just need to look at lots of frame sites for large plastic men's frames.

The other answerer's suggestion about seeing if anyone on IMDB knows is a good idea too.

You could try the trivia page on imdb or posting a message/question there? Just a suggestion. Real movie buffs there and real sunglass experts..? Maybe...?

They look like BCG's I use to wear in the military. BCG's aka Birth Control Glasses because trust me, you wear them and you won't get none.

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