Cheapest way to buy new glasses without insurance?!

Question: Cheapest way to buy new glasses without insurance?
I recently broke my glasses that ive had for two years. I am currently in a predicament that does not permit me to spend alot of money on a new pair and to make matters more complicated, i do not have any insurance. I cannot apply for medicaid so that is not an option either. I need a fast alternative or some ideas as to how I could go about buying a new pair preferably under $100.

I constructed a plan of buying my own frames and having the lenses filled but all the optical offices i called do not allow that method, they prefer you to buy their glasses.

Thanks (:


Well, I'd start by shopping around. I know that, locally, at least (I just got a new pair myself), there are several places currently offering deals on new glasses, including LensCrafters (50% off lenses) and All About Eyes ($69 for a complete pair, some restrictions apply). There's bound to be someone in your neck of the woods with a sale.

If your prescription is more than a year old, you'll have to have an eye exam as well. Some places offer discounts if you get both the exam and the glasses there rather than another store.

Most of the time you'd actually be better off buying the frames at the same place you get the lenses, even if they do allow you to bring in your own. They have the lenses for the frames they carry in stock... if you bring your own frames, odds are they'll have to special-order lenses to fit them, and that can get expensive.

There agencies such as the salvation army, united way,etc. that will pay for your glasses for u if you have prescription. I don't have a lot of info but my sister works as a counselor so these are jut the ones I know of.

Call the Lyons Clubs. They have free eyeglasses for reading. You can find discounts at Sears Eye Cept. 2 pair for $99. Medicaid only pays for one pair every 2 years.

You can easily check your minimal health care rates in internet, for example here -

Just recently heard of a site
Called new I think
You may benefit there!!

Hi Princess!!

There's this awesome site, You can buy glasses there for $8, plus $4 shipping. You have to pay more for higher prescription lenses though. Mine were about $20 (I'm super blind!) and that included shipping. It takes about 2 weeks to get them in, so if you can wait that long. Or order a back up pair after you get new ones.

You need an up to date prescription, and someone to measure your face for you.

They're really good quality too. My old pair just broke after 2 years, and it was totally my fault (I was rocking out and they flew off my face!).

I've bought from them.

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