Lasik eye surgery questions, ....?!

Question: Lasik eye surgery questions, ....?
so i have 20/80 vision and want to get lasik in july or august. im turning eighteen the second week of july. so probably august. i want to go to maloney vision in los angeles. is this a good place to go? whats an estimate of how much it will cost? like 3,000? can i get it right after i turn 18, or will they want me to be older?, because i have had the same prescription for years, and i have taken really good care of my eyes. i even improved my vision a little with eye exercises and i take vitamin a every day.



well first you should go to your eye doctor and talk to him if your a candidate for lasik. he will most likely want to do a pentacam that will measure your corneas thickness. if your corneas aren't to thin then most likely he'll say go for it. lasik price ranges depending on the place, the ophthalmologist i know charges around 2500 per eye. yes you can get it right when you turn 18. hope everything works out for you.

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