well my EYE hurts and i don't know why :(?!

Question: Well my EYE hurts and i don't know why :(?
well it feels like ive been punched in the face, it also feels like there is sand in my eye but it cant be sand because i live knowehre where sand is, so what could it be? how can i get it out? it really hurts, i think i may have an infection but i may not as its not infected. :(


Look for the simple things first. You eye may just be a little dry which will give you the feeling that there is something in your eye like a piece of sand or maybe an eyelash. Try some OTC artificial tears or lubricating drops first to see if that give you any releif. If it doesn't after a day or so, go see a doctor.

I had a similar condition a few years ago. I was first told it was an allergic reaction. But I did not believe it because my other eye was not swollen.

I eventually ended up at an opthomologist who told me he was writing his first prescription as an eye doctor.

Heis thoughts were #1 I had cat scratch fever (I own cats) or that my cold from the previous week, due to sneezing, had shoved bacteria into facial tissue that infected my eye next.

sorry, I made an error in my last statement. The infection was in the facial tissue surrounding my eye, not in the eye itself. The eye was nearly swollen shut and felt like sand had been poured in it. But the infection, judging by the antibiotics, was as the optho speculated. The nearby tissue had became inflamed/infected and a course of biotics showed immediate relief within 3 days, finished course cleared all problems.

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