should I switch to contacts or stay with glasses?!

Question: Should I switch to contacts or stay with glasses?
I'm currently wearing glasses and I thought about changing to contact lenses.
what are the pros and cons of wearing contacts.
I am near sighted and I don't have 20/20 vision. The eye doctor said in the back of my pupil instead of it being shaped round like a basketball, it is shaped oval like a cats eye pupil.


Con's- they can cause infections if you don't properly take care of them.
-your eyes become dry if you wear them for too long.
-it gets irritating/annoying having to take them off and on everday
Pro's- Personally, i never liked the way i look with glasses, so i found contacts more "stylish"
-their convenient. they don't feel like they're even there
-they're fun to switch up, especially since you have a variety of colors to chose from

But getting contacts doesn't mean you can never wear glasses. I switch it up each day, depending on my mood. & the doctor suggests that you wear your glasses at home, to allow your eyes to get a rest from wearing the contacts all day. So regardless, you'll have your glasses to wear at night, or early in the morning, but you just won't have to wear them everyday. Do whatever you think is best and suitable for your lifestyle, eyes & vision:)

I wear contacts during the day, glasses at night.

It really depends in what your comfortable in. I have a condition where my eyes are overly sensitive so it was impossible for me to wear contacts. When you go to your doctor to get fitted for the contacts ask for a trial and see if youre comfortable wearing them.

I think you should go with whichever one you are comfortable in. If you want to try out your contacts, you should, but if you just like putting on your glasses, that's fibe. I switch back and forth depending when I wake up.

Stay with glasses because it burns when you put on the contacts

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