I wonder how bad my vision is.?!

Question: I wonder how bad my vision is.?
My rx says
-right eye -(neg) 0.75 and the cylinder is-0.75 with an axis(?) of 120
-Left eye -(neg) 1.00. (Cylinder-0.75) and an axis of 050
On a scale of 1 to ten with 1 being perfect vision and ten being I should invest in a seeing eye dog, how would u rate my vision?
I ask cuz I dnt understand all this negative numbers and axis' stuff. And I'm just curious if its all that bad.
Thanks for ur time. :)


The easiest way to judge how bad your vision is is to just look around. See all the clear stuff? See the blurry stuff? You are still very, very functional without glasses, right? So, obviously your vision isn't bad. On a scale from 0 to 10, you're about a 1/2.

its hardly noticeably worse than perfect vision. You can tell this yourself from what you can and cant' see at distance. Do you have problems finding the door? Can you reaad signs on the road? I suspect you dont' have a lot of trouble with this. On th eother hand I have problems showering without my glasses and my eyesight is only on the verge of beign considered quite bad. Hold off on teh seeing eye dog , few poor vision problems aren't capable of being corrected by glasses/contacts to perfect vision and it doesnt' lead to blindness.

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