does pinhole glasses make your eyes stronger or improve your vision?!

Question: Does pinhole glasses make your eyes stronger or improve your vision?
title says it all


No. They will help you see more clearly while you are wearing them. You will look really goofy. You won't have much peripheral vision and you will have to have very good light.


No, the reason vision may be better through pinhole glasses can be explained using optics. Simply put, placing a pinhole in front of the eye reduces the amount of light entering the eye and seems to "eliminate" refractive error by increasing the depth of focus. If there is no refractive error or the decreased vision is caused by some sort of pathology, the vision will not be improved by using a pinhole.

I'm an optometry student

The other guy is totally right, they only seem to work because of the physics of how light passes through small holes (eliminates blur, but will not cure anything)

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