burst capillaries around my eyes?!

Question: Burst capillaries around my eyes?
okay i woke up this morning with some busted capillaries around my eye. like right below it, where dark circles can appear and right above it, the brow bone. they look hideous, like i have some skin disorder.
so here's my question, 1) what can cause this & 2) is there any way to get rid of them?
thanks :]


They can be cause by simply coughing, sneezing or rubbing your eyes in the middle of the night in your sleep. Any number of reasons. It's just that the blood vessels on your eyes are a little weak and it takes little to no pressure to burst one of them. Nothing to worry about though. It will heal and clear but it may take 1-2 weeks depending on how much blood leaked out. It won't cause any problem with your vision and you may notice that gravity may cause the blood to pool at the bottom of your eye. Your body just has to reabsorb the blood back into it's system.

Burst capillaries are what cause bruises too , i think, and usually u can use vitamin k capsules. break the capsul open and sprinkle the vitamin contents onto the bruise usually helps to get rid of a bruise earlier than if it would have to heal...or if u kno ur going to badly bruise, the vit k helps to avoid getting a bruise there at all. so maybe for the caps around ur eye, rub a little vit k onto the area? i learned this from an elderly norwegian lady. good luck!

Normally violently being sick can cause this. Some times lack of sleep or drug misuse too.
they should go naturaly.

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