How to keep eyeglasses from falling off?!

Question: How to keep eyeglasses from falling off?
I'm going to ride a jetski on the ocean but I wear prescription glasses that are very expensive, what can I do to prevent them from falling off?


don't wear them. they will get all wet anyway and you won't be able to see. If you must wear them, put big goggles on over them
like this…

Your eyeglasses will get wet when you are on a jet ski. One thing you can do is buy goggles that are made to cover eyeglasses. Bolle, Spider, Fast Track, and Scorpion all make goggles that fit over prescription lenses. That is the best thing to wear, as your glasses will get soaked anyway. If this isn't what you are looking for, then grab yourself an eyeglasses sports strap, and you won't lose your glasses.

You can get perscription goggles which would be a better option. Wearing expensive perscription glasses is not a good option. If you attach them to yourself in some way they could still drift off if you fall under the water and might well get scratched or damaged Contacts are of course best for this sort of thing, is there a reason you haven't considered it.

You can buy a strap for them that attaches to the ear pieces.

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