best way to dry hands?!

Question: Best way to dry hands?
i wore contacts as a teenager but stopped when i moved out on my own cuz i couldnt afford them. but i recently decided to go back to contacts. im doing everything the same way i did years ago. before handling my contacts i wash my hands and dry them with a paper towel. i have tried several different brands of paper towels but all of them are leaving alot of lint on my hands which transfers to my contacts. any suggestions on a low lint paper towel or should i keep air drying my hands?


Wash your hands then use a hand towel. Then before touching your contact, rinse the tip of your finger off which will remove any contaminates on it. let your finger air dry(since it is just your finger it will air dry a lot faster than your whole hand). After that insert your contact.

It's what my mom does

Air drying is worse invade you did not know dust particles touch you're fingers wich will then her on you're contacts towel dry with a micro-fiber towel

Air drying is the only way to make sure you get no lint or anything on them, it takes a little longer but its worth it


Air drying would be better. Shake your hands really fast an then just pop them in.

Why not use a hand towel?

My mother

use a clean towel

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