what color are your eyes?!

Question: What color are your eyes?
and what color(s) are you most attracted to?


everyone colour in our eyes no doubt check with the colour torch
and see ....

I have hazel eyes. my girlfriend says they remind her of a tiger.

My girlfriends eyes are green with blue and brown in them. they are the tripiest eyes i have ever seen. In the middle of hers is black of coarse, but next to that it is light brown, then it goes into green then the outside of hers is blue. They look like a star exploded. I sometimes stare at them, until she looks away asking what is the matter.


Mine are green with a yellow tint to it.
Personally, I love blue, crystal-like eyes or chocolate, warm brown eyes. :) They're equally attractive.


dark brown. eye colours dont really matter to me. its the personality :)

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