Changing contacts after 2 weeks...?!

Question: Changing contacts after 2 weeks...?
So right now I'm using 2 week contacts. Do I have to change my contacts in two weeks starting from the day I wear them even though I don't wear them for a majority of the days and let them sit in the contact containers?


By definition, 2 week contact lenses are meant to be worn 14 times. So if you don't wear them everyday, that's okay. Just kind of keep track of how often you wear them and be sure to throw them away after about 14 uses.

However, if it takes you longer than 1 month to get 14 uses, I would toss them anyway. Soft contact lenses slowly "break down" over time and 1 month is about their useful life, for a 2 week lens, even if it just sat in solution for that month and only got worn once or twice.

OptiFree is a good solution to use if you do tend to stretch out their uses, because of the properties of thesolution.

And a brand-new contact lens solution on the market is called RevitaLens would also be a great one to use.

And make sure you buy the NAME BRAND contact lens solutions -- not generic like from Target. The generic contact lens solutions are old forumulations that often have more irritating preservatives ... which is why they are old formulations.

I am an optometry intern.

I have 2 week contacts and I throw mine away when 2 weeks is up even tho I don't wear them everyday. I find that when they just sit in the case for a while they are not as soft and that's really annoying. I recommend throwing them away when 2 weeks is up but that's just what I prefer so I guess u should choose what to do with them after 2 weeks. It's personal preference

I throw then away after a complete 14 days of wearing them. I don't count off days. With the right contact fluid, they won't change much in their holder. I personally use BioTrue.

Never had a problem with them.

But like the other answer's all a personal preference.

5+ years contacts user

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