What should I do about my glasses?!

Question: What should I do about my glasses?
I have problems seeing things at a distance, like the board in class, and people's faces when walking down the sidewalk etc.

I went to Sterling Optical to get glasses, and when I had the exam done and got the glasses, I thought that they weren't right. They didn't seem strong enough, and only seemed a tiny bit stronger than my old ones if at all. Not only that, but the service I got was absolutely horrendous.

Just yesterday I went in again, spoke with the DM (district manager), and he wasn't helpful at all, not to mention looked and acted fairly unprofessional, and he had the doctor do another exam. The doctor said he got something different, but wouldn't say what because it was "so minute"...then he proceeded to say that he thought my problem isn't actually distance, but close up so I should get reading glasses! It's absolutely absurd! I have no issues with things that are close up, what is an issue (along with straight up distance) is focusing between close up and distance.

Now I don't know what to do. I don't want to go get an exam elsewhere and get another pair of glasses because I simply don't have that kind of money, and the glasses I have do help, they're just not exactly right.

What should I do? Suggestions? Experiences?



What is your vision without glasses?
What is your vision with your old glasses?
What is your vision with the new glasses?
Are you having a problem seeing in the distance with the new glasses?
Ask Sterling if they would fill your prescription if you got an examination from an Ophthalmologist. They might do this.


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