red bump lacrumal punctum(eye lid)?!

Question: Red bump lacrumal punctum(eye lid)?
so on my lower lacrumal punctum theres a red pimple looking bumo that makes my eyelid and underneath hurt really bad at any touch, why is this should i goto the doctor?


There are two different types of styes. For external styes- if they don't drain in 2 days, then they recommend you see a doctor. For internal styes, you have to go to a doctor to get it drained. Internal are generally larger and more painful.

For now, trywarm compresses applied 10 to 15 minutes 3or 4 times a day
– Can follow warm compresses with eyelid massage

you could possibly have a stye. i would see a doctor to get it treated.

essentially it's a zit on your eye. i had one and it hurt. I was told to leave it alone and pop it if nesscessary. give it time. dont put zit cream on it

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