How long does it take for Specsavers to make glasses ?!

Question: How long does it take for Specsavers to make glasses ?
Hi, I had an eye test last saturday (2 days ago) and they said that I need glasses (single vision) so I would have to wait for 1 week for them to be made. But I have heard that it takes less.
Is this true ??
Thank you


Hi there,

Specsavers use their own glazing labs to supply lenses to the store, but the majority of stores actually cut and place the lenses into your chosen frames on the premises.

What they will be waiting for is the lenses to arrive. When they have arrived, it will take about 30 minutes to 1 hour to make sure that everything is done to the highest standard before calling you to let you know they are ready.

Extra treatments on the lenses can extend the delivery time, the size of the lens needed, or the complexity of the prescription. If the glazing labs have the lenses in stock and no special process has to be undertaken, on occasion they will be shipped to the Specsavers store the next working day.

Obviously they will have hundreds of jobs to perform, and certain things can go wrong during the glazing process which will delay the manufacturing process, such as failing to pass quality control.

I would estimate at 5 working days to complete a single vision order on average, so an estimation of a weeks time is realistic.

I hope this helped

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