Can cross one eye and not the other?!

Question: Can cross one eye and not the other?
Okay, probably dumb, but I found out the other day, when I was trying to cross my eyes at a friend, I have the strange ability to cross one eye while the other keeps looking forward at whatever I was previously focusing on.

Perhaps understandably, I'm a tad bit nervous that this is some horrible defect or problem with my eyes. So I have a few questions.

Does this mean something is wrong with my eyes? (I already have horrendous vision)
Is it harmful to do this trick? (Its the new parlor trick for my family and friends, who can't get enough)
Does this mean I am, in fact, part chameleon? And, if so, can I train my chameleon powers to both eyes?

...but seriously. Calm my nerves a bit?


Friesian Girl completely misunderstood what you are saying.

Don't worry about being able to cross just one eye, so can fact...most people can.

It just means you have good control over your eye muscles .

There is nothing wrong and it can do no harm.


hahaha :) this made me laugh even though i'm sad :)
I'm assuming that you are using the term "lazy eye" to mean an eye that turns away from the direction that the other eye is pointing. This can be a turn that is in, out, up or down.

Typically a turned eye exists in somebody with some predisposing factor that makes it difficult for a person to keep the eyes aligned. Even though there is no identified gene, we often see turned eyes in family members and often at birth.

There are also people whose turned eye doesn't appear until later in life. They have a very strong tendency for the eye to turn but have been able to compensate for this tendency until later in life.

There are other, more serious causes for a sudden onset of a turned eye resulting from injury or acute disease. These need immediate evaluation.

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