Eyelash in my eye driving me crazy?!

Question: Eyelash in my eye driving me crazy?
I have this eyelash in my eye that will not come out! I see which eyelash it is and I try to pull it out but It won't budge!!! I've had to put up with this eyelash since this morning and it's driving me nuts! Any ideas on how to get my eyelash out? 10 easy points!


You said you can see which eyelash it is sounds like an eyelash still attached to the lid margin. Use tweezers to pull it out. If it's already out of the lid margin use a Q-tip to remove it.

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I always get them what I do is not going to be recommended but i wash my hands very well. I leave my middle finger moist "not wet" and get the eyelash to where you can see it gently touch it with your finger print be careful to keep your nail away from your eye. When you contact it rub barely "I mean like 1/4 mm" and presto pull off. Works every time and no pain, no damage. The Q-tip does work but you can feel it more and makes you want to blink plus your finger has coordination a Q-tip does not. But if you do it "keep your nail away" just the finger print.

I do it and also have done it on family members.

Omg, I hate that!!! & Since this morning? That's crazy. Use a q-tip dip it in water and try to take it outttt maneuver it into your inner corners its less painful ..


Try rinsing your eye out with water in the shower.

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