How do I become an optometrist?!

Question: How do I become an optometrist?
I think that I want to be an optometrist. What training, and how many years of training, is required? Also, I live in Texas, so do you know any optometry universities, if there is such a thing, in the state of Texas? Thanks!


great! there are 2 optometry schools in Texas

U of H in Houston (public school, cheaper):

and Incarnate Word in San Antonio (private school, more expensive):

you have to meet the following requirements:

- on schedule to finish an undergraduate degree, with the required science classes
- pretty good grades/GPA
- have taken & done well on the OAT:

famously the AMA website says some drivel about getting into optometry school after TWO years of college, which is absolutely untrue. many people will tell you that its "easy" to get into optometry school; it is not. many people will tell you that optometry school itself is easy; it is not. it wouldn't be a "doctorate" profession if it was easy & everyone could do it.


you might, too! good luck!


Of course Texas has optometrist training schools. Go to your local college and see a career counselor. Better yet, search it out yourself.

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