Why do I keep getting red eyes?!

Question: Why do I keep getting red eyes?
For the past 10 months, both of my eyes has been going really red and seeping out green/yellow stuff in small amounts. When i wake up i find it hard to open my eye/s. it moves from eye to eye but at the moment it is in both, they look like they are about to shut. it makes my eyes feel quite heavy and sometimes sore around the edges.i get it every couple of weeks but the last 3 weeks have been really bad. I've been to the pharmacy and got some eye drops they helped a little bit but not much. What could it be? It lasts for around 5 days at a time sometimes more.


My friend had blood shot red eyes for months then read online honey/honey eyedrops helps and so she tryed honey eyedrops I guess you can buy. Them from the pharmacy and the whites of her. Eyes are now white! As snow :) and also she noticed it made her eye coulor lighter. Overtime They were dark brown now they're a nice light amber coulor they're really pretty or you could make an appointment with your eye doctor incase its an infection and take medicine so it won't get worse. best of luck on whatever you decide :)

It might be due to long term exposure to tv or computer. Perhaps I feel the cause is some type of infection. You must consult a doctor or eye specialist.
Get well soon.

Do u get enuf sleep? you need to get at least 8hours a day.


"...both of my eyes has been going really red and seeping out green/yellow stuff in small amounts." - You have a lack of tear forming aggravated with minute infections (your 'green' stuff) that the tissue is showing.

Go to your eye Doctor (Ophthalmologist, not Optometrist) and in the meantime try Liposic (over the counter), which is an ointment - jellylike, not drops -and will help you generate tears to clean the eyes.

If you wear 'contacts', be sure they are sterilized and clean, and have been without scratches that can harm the outside epitelia of the eye, very sensitive.

In any case, use extreme hygene and cleanliness habits. Your eyes are the most precious of senses....not just nice to look at dear.

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