Why Do My Contacts Sting When I Put Them In?!

Question: Why Do My Contacts Sting When I Put Them In?
I wear dailies lenses but I'm on vacation so i'm using one pair over. I rinse them every day and for the past 2 days they've been stinging?


Many reasons they can be dirty,you might have an eye infection,you can be allergic to the brand since your on vacation find the nearest optometrist so they can prescribe you a new pair since u already have a cls presciption have them fax it over to the new office you will be visiting...don't risk it!

optometric tech

If you wear daily lenses you need to discard them after one wear, you can't wash and re-wear them as they are not designed to do that which is probably why they sting.
So my advice is to throw them out and get a new pair (I suppose that is hard on vacation, next time pack more!)
Good luck :)

I have worn dailies for 4 years now


If your contacts are irritating your eyes discontinue use and consult your eye care professional. Daily lenses are not recommended for extended use. There are other options available if you intend to wear your lenses for more than 1 day at a time. Your eye care professional will be able to discuss this with you as well.


Bausch + Lomb
Consumer Affairs

Your eyes must be irritated and the contact lenses are exacerbating the irritation. If you can get some contact lens cleaner (the kind you can rub on) as well as rinsing them might help. But ideally, go without them for a day and let your eyes get better.

Dailies are for one wear only....

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