What does my eyeglass lens prescription mean?!

Question: What does my eyeglass lens prescription mean?
My glasses prescription:

LEFT: -450-75x180
RIGHT: -450-75x180

I also want to know whats my contact prescription will be. I know my bass curve for my eyes already.


It's a judgment call whether you correct for the astigmatism or use a spherical equivalent. If we went with the latter the contact lens Rx would be -4.25 OU. If we went with the former we would have to first place a toric lens on the eye to see how the axis positions before computing the contact lens Rx.

consultant to http://www.coloredcontacts.com

It is kind of unusual for someone to need the exact same prescription in each eye and even both eyes needing exactly 180 axis! Anyway, the -450 means you are moderately nearsighted and the -75 means you have a small amount of astigmatism. Because your prescription is stronger than -400, they will make your contacts slightly less strong to account for the fact that they sit right on your eyes (not speced way like glasses).

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